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Wali Ahmad (Sandakai Mulla)

Wali Ahmad known as Sandakai (Mulla),was a religious cleric, extremist and reformer who played the role of king maker and king breaker in the formation of Swat State. Early life and education Wali Ahmad was born at Sandakai, a small village in Chakisar, Swat. Born into a religious family, he was given religious education locally. He proceeded to Madrasah-i-Deoband for higher studies. …

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Saidu Baba

Akhund Abdul Ghaffur, commonly known as Saidu Baba (1878-1793‎), belonged to the Gujjar tribe, a prominent religious Mullah or priest, from Barr Swat.  Akhund Ghaffur was a supporter of the Afghan Emir Dost Mohammad Barakzai, and opposed the Sikh and British forces. Akhund Ghaffur was an influential mullah and his residence in Swat was the destination for numerous pilgrimages by his …

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