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Swat Wonder World Amusement Park

There lot of Parks in Waadi Swat but Swat Wonder World Amusement Park is a new park initiated by X Brains Intl with having lot of entertainment for kids and families. Its located just 1 KM from Fizagat Park. Its very beautiful and attractive park having parking facility, fast food corner, motion ride, kids corner etc. Its location is very …

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Azadi Park

As Swat is a valley full of beauty and natural scenes but there are also some human made places one of them is Azadi Park Totanobandai. Azadi Park Totanobandai is established by Pak Army with the help of local peoples after Militancy operation in Swat. It is located in the right side of Totanobandai, Tehsil Kabal which is about 20 …

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Shuhada Park

There is another park name Shuhada Park situated on Swat river side in Chota Kalam, Nengoli Village of Tehsil Kabal, Swat. Its a park developed by Pak Army after operation against militancy in Swat. Its a beautiful park for family. There is a best picnic spot just a few meters toward Matta side on the main road. Local people comes …

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Jarral Shaheed Park

Jarral Shaheed is a beautiful park in swat gifted by Pak Army to the Public of Swat after operation Rah-e-Raast. It named with brave Colonel Jarral who got shahadat during operation against militancy in Swat. Jarral Shaheed Park is located on the bank of swat river in Dadahara, Tehsil Kabal of Swat. Its a best picnic point for family with …

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Fizagat Park

Fizagat Park – the premium recreational park in the vicenety of Mingora city is the first destination of the tourists, visiting the scenic valley of Swat. Situated on the bank of the river Swat at Fizagat, this park provide recreation for the tourists as well as the locals.The main feature of the park is the stream of fresh water of …

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